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302 - 3264 Oak Street (MLS® #2773013)
$600,000 - 1 BR | 1 Bath | 678 SqFt
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    Ehsan A.

    Lydia exceptionally cares for clients and has their best interests in mind. She provides invaluable advice. She won’t pressure you for any decision, but her awesome suggestions can guide you to come up with a sound choice.

    If you are looking for a realtor, you can trust Lydia 100%. I will ask her again for any new opportunity.

    Marina C.

    As a first home buyer, the relationship with your realtor cannot be more important. Lydia was very instrumental, and guided us every step of the way. Not only she is very knowledgable about the house and market, and the whole buying process but she is also very patient and kind. She would always have Redi a list of next steps to follow which made our lives easier!! I cannot recommend her enough, thank you for everything Lydia!

    Felipe R.

    Simply the best realtor you can get , no joke we are a recently married couple saved the money for 5 years and talk to a bunch of realtors but all seemed very cold and business only types until we met with Lydia, she is understanding, patient ( god knows we were insecure about the whole thing) but she was very dedicated , and the attention to detail was out of this world. She always put our needs first and very accommodating with our schedule. I would and did recommend her to all my friends including a few that actively looking already switched from other realtors to her. thanks Lydia thats all we can say

    Jason H.

    My wife and I are first time home buyers. Brand new to the market and to the real estate experience. All we knew were the areas we wanted to live in, and few minor specs, but other than that, very novice. Lydia bridged the gap for us. She helped us find a mortgage broker, and later, a notary. She searched out places within our criteria, and helped us look into new possibilities. She made the whole experience less intimidating. I truly recommend Lydia as a realtor. We love our place, and are so happy she helped us along the whole journey.

    Myriame L.

    Lydia was absolutely the best!! She was engaged from beginning to end, tuning into our preferences quickly as things changed along the way. Present, professional, and polite, we would HIGHLY recommend Lydia!

    Matt D.

    Being a first time home buyer Lydia was amazing in guiding me with all I needed to know to make an informed decision and purchase! Very responsive and went the extra mile to be available.

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